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Last Statement

618x398px Last Statement

Do you remember talking to someone who knows his or her time on this earth is up soon? I remember that moment with my dad 11 years ago on his hospital bed right after I led him to the sinner's prayer. He said, “Heintje, would you please take care of your siblings?” I said, “Yes, Pa!”... And that was our last conversation in which I will always remember forever and...

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God's Capability

618x398px GodsCapability

When difficulties arise, what’s your main focus?... Most of us probably will focus on “THE  PROBLEM.” But when we focus on the problem itself, the negative effect will have an impact not only you but on others as well.  So this week, I want to give you one thing, and one thing only, on what to do when you face a problem in the future. ...

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Selfish equals Stupid

618x398px SelfishStupid

I bet that you didn’t know the word stupid is in the Bible as well! Yes, it was used in connection with selfishness. Selfish equals stupid....

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I Want To Be Good But I Can't! Why?

618x398px Conflicted

Many times in our life, we are out of the will of God and bring temptation on ourselves unnecessarily. We go to the wrong places and hang out with the wrong people at the wrong time and then we’re shocked when we do the wrong thing....

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